January 22:: Phoenix, AZ
Haiti disaster relief charity event @ The Yard.

Febuary 14:: Las Vegas, NV
Joe Ashborne hosted after hours party at Jet.

February 21:: La Vegas, NV
Haiti disaster relief hosted by JusMedia at the Luxor from 10p-4a.

March 6:: Chicago, IL
Breast Cancer fundraiser at the Brig Studio from 5p-11p.

April 1-4:: Denver, CO
Filming reality show at Vail and Aspen for major studio network.

April 19:: Los Angeles, CA
Private party filming at the Mondrian and Hyde nightclub.

June 23-27:: Royal Oak, MI
Filming reality series pilot about life as a Michigander.

June 29-30:: Cleveland, OH
Filming reality show pilot about life on a farm in the Mid West.

June 27-29:: Philadelphia, PA
Filming a documentary series on pre-teen addictions.

June 30:: Miami Beach, FL
Private party filming at Liv Nightclub.

July 4:: Austin, TX
Charity event sponsored by Vanity Media, Co. and Roof Rise, Inc. from 10p-2a at the Aztec.

July 5-13:: Atlanta, GA
Filming reality game show on Sugar Daddies.

July 16-21:: Clearwater, FL
Filming reality series on women with multiple boyfriends.

July 22:: Los Angeles, CA
Celebrity charity event in West Hollywood from 6-10p.

July 24-26:: Miami, FL
Filming new reality series on Cubans in South Beach.

August 4-8:: Birmingham, MI
Filming our first three episodes of a reality show on life as a Michigander.

August 6-12:: Los Angeles, CA
New bridal reality series pilot.

August 19-20:: Los Angeles, CA
Celebrity charity event in Hermosa Beach from 9-11p.

September 10:: New York, NY
Filming commercial for underground hip hop artist in Harlem.

September 19-23:: San Diego, CA
Madik Media presents Vanity Media, Co. at their annual celebrity event.

October 4-8:: Dallas, TX
Filming pilot for Cowboys Cheerleaders series.

November 12-18:: Denver, CO
New reality show pilot on nocturnal workers.

December 5-9:: Denver, CO
Follow-up session on new reality show.

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